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Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro 20 MG

Original price was: 70 د.إ.Current price is: 38 د.إ.

  • Device Name : Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro
  • Quantity : 1 Disposable Device Per Pack
  • Total Puffs : 1500 puffs/pod (approx.)
  • ML : 3 ML/Pod
  • Flavor : A traditional sugary snack with a sweet cinnamon aftertaste similar to a donut.
  • Technology : Sealed And Waterproof
  • Vape Device Type : Myle Disposable Vape
  • MG : 20Mg / 50Mg of Tobacco Free Salt Nicotine

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Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro 20 mg
Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro 20 MG 70 د.إ Original price was: 70 د.إ.38 د.إCurrent price is: 38 د.إ.

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Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro: Set out on an Odyssey of Flavor.

Get ready to be mesmerized by the MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro’s captivating charm. This is a symphony of tastes designed for individuals who want to experience enjoyment with every inhale, not simply another disposable vape. Take a deep breath and enter the world of a traditional sugary snack, where every taste exposes layers of sweetness and a delicious cinnamon aftertaste akin to a doughnut.

Myle Micro Bar Sweet Churro
Brand Name Myle
Total Puffs 1500 Puffs
Device 1 Disposable Device
ML 3 ml Built in reservoir
E-Liquids Prefilled with flavorful e-liquid
Technology Waterproof and sealed
Weight Lightweight

A traditional sugary snack with a sweet cinnamon aftertaste similar to a donut.

Manual 1 User Manual
Salt Nicotine 50/20 Mg tobacco free salt nicotine

1500 Pure Delightful Puffs

Experience an opulent voyage with this stylish device’s remarkable 1500-puff capacity. You will have an experience with the Sweet Churro that goes well beyond the typical since each puff is a celebration of flavor. It’s more than simply a vape; it’s your pass to an extended and gratifying taste experience.

Tech Marvel: Happiness Is Sealed

The MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro’s sealed and waterproof design offers innovation at its best. This gadget makes sure that every puff is as smooth and sweet as the first, whether you’re vaping by the pool or facing an unexpected downpour.

Minimal bulk, maximal impact

The MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro is a sophisticated and elegant vaping device that goes beyond conventional vaping. This little, lightweight gadget fits in perfectly with your daily routine and provides a discrete, portable vaping option. Enhance your experience with a gadget that looks stylish and tastes amazing.

3 ML Flavor Storage

Under its little exterior is a 3ML integrated reservoir of flawless liquid. Every puff from the MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro is guaranteed to be consistent and flavorful, allowing you to continuously enjoy the rich churro flavor. Say goodbye to continuous refills and hello to unbroken enjoyment.

User Guide: Your Flavor Selection

With the user handbook provided, explore the realm of indulgence with ease. This tutorial enables all vapers, regardless of experience level, to fully utilize the MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro. With the help of this extensive guide, turn every moment into a flavorful celebration.

50 mg/20 mg of nicotine in a tobacco-free salt

The MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro, designed for discriminating vapors, has just the right amount of 50 mg and 20 mg of salt nicotine that is devoid of tobacco. Say goodbye to the harshness of conventional nicotine and welcome a more sophisticated, smoother vaping experience. Elevate your senses with every inhale as the delicious churro flavor melds well with the superior salt-nicole combination.

UAE Delight: MYLE in Dubai

With the MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro, explore the dynamic vaping scene in Dubai. Designed with lovers in the United Arab Emirates in mind, this gadget combines the cozy sweetness of churros with the unique beauty of Dubai. Take in the lavish flavor and allow each puff to take you to the busy streets of Dubai.

Luxurious Living at a Reasonable Cost

The MYLE Micro Bar Sweet Churro is designed for those who want luxury without breaking the bank. It provides an incredible vaping experience at a reasonable price. Rethink what luxury in the vaping world means with the sweet churro flavor, and indulge your senses without going over budget.


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