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MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear 20 MG

Original price was: 70 د.إ.Current price is: 38 د.إ.

  • Device Name : Myle Micro Bar Prime Pear
  • Quantity : 1 Disposable Device Per Pack
  • Total Puffs : 1500 puffs/pod (approx.)
  • ML : 3 ML/Pod
  • Flavor : A refreshing tart, sugary lemon flavor.
  • Technology : Sealed And Waterproof
  • Vape Device Type : Myle Disposable Vape
  • MG : 20Mg / 50Mg of Tobacco Free Salt Nicotine

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MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear
MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear 20 MG 70 د.إ Original price was: 70 د.إ.38 د.إCurrent price is: 38 د.إ.

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Launch the Savory Journey with MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear

Greetings from the tasty world of MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear, where every puff is an adventure! Indulge in the deliciousness of succulent pears with this high-quality disposable vaporizer. Why this is the next essential vaping experience is as follows.

Myle Micro Bar Prime Pear
Brand Name Myle
Total Puffs 1500 Puffs
Device 1 Disposable Device
ML 3 ml Built in reservoir
E-Liquids Prefilled with flavorful e-liquid
Technology Waterproof and sealed
Weight Lightweight
Flavor A tangy , sugary lemon flavor
Manual 1 User Manual
Salt Nicotine 50/20 Mg tobacco free salt nicotine

Perfect in Each Scoop

Prime Pear’s wonderfully buttery-textured, creamy, and juicy flavor will elevate your vaping experience. Our culinary specialists created a combination that satisfies your palette with a symphony of flavors and leaves you wanting more. Savor 1500 puffs of pure pear paradise, allowing each breath to be a journey and each exhalation to be a satisfied sigh.

Exposing the Technology Marvel

With the state-of-the-art technology offered by the MYLE Micro Bar, explore the future. This disposable vape pen is not only perfectly sealed and waterproof, but it also boasts resilience in addition to taste. We’ve got you covered for any eventuality when it comes to spills and sudden downpours; our gadget can handle it all. Savor the liberty of vaping at any time, anywhere.

Strong as a storm, light as a feather

Bid farewell to unwieldy vaping accessories and welcome to portability. Your comfort is a priority in the design of the MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear. With ease, tuck it into your pocket or purse and take with you the strength of three milliliters of prefilled e-liquid wherever you go. Just pure vaping enjoyment at your fingertips—no mess, no worry.

With the MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear, You Can Experience Vaping Like Never Before

Prepare to revolutionize your vaping experience with the MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear, the pinnacle of ease, style, and flavor. Let your senses delight in the buttery-textured, smooth, and juicy aromas of prime pear as you unleash the delicious journey. With its feather-light design, waterproof technology, and 1500 puffs per pack, this disposable vape pen is your pass to vaping heaven.

Delicious Pear Perfection: Savor the intensely smooth, juicy, and buttery texture of prime pear, which enhances the flavor of each puff.

Unveiled by Tech Marvel: Embrace the future with technology that is sealed and watertight, guaranteeing toughness and tenacity in any circumstance.

Light in Weight, Heavy in Pleasure: Savor the hassle-free, potent vaping experience with the lightweight design, pocket-sized convenience, and 3 ML of prefilled e-liquid.

MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear: Unlock the Flavor Revolution

Presenting MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear, your access to an explosion of taste. With our buttery-textured, smooth, juicy, pear-infused disposable vape , go on a sensory trip. Here’s why this is an embrace rather than just a vape explore myle uae.

Pear Happiness Unfathomable

Take a bite out of the finest pear flavor that epitomizes sophistication and dive into unmatched joy. With every draw, layers of smoothness are unveiled, guaranteeing an extraordinary vaping experience. Allow the symphony of pears to entice your taste buds, making you want to take another sip.

Redefining Resilience

Beyond taste, MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear makes a message about tenacity. This disposable vape pen is sealed, waterproof, and flexible enough to fit into any lifestyle. Our technology makes sure that you may continue to enjoy vaping rain or shine.

Power and Lightness Come Together

When you can have electricity in your pocket, why carry around a burden? With its feather-light design, the MYLE Micro Bar Prime Pear is the perfect travel companion. Put it in, set it aside, and whenever you want, enjoy 1500 puffs of pure bliss.


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