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  • Total Flavors: Available in 20 different flavors
  • Origin: Japan
  • Dimensions: 162 x 75 x 47 mm
  • Box Weight: 240 Gram
  • Total Puffs: 14 Puffs
  • Each Box contains: 200 sticks
  • Compatible with: IQOS ILUMA Device


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Enjoy IQOS TEREA Japan Flavors in Dubai!

TEREA Japan is a collection of heated tobacco sticks specifically designed for the IQOS Iluma device. They are made in Japan and offer a unique vaping experience compared to other tobacco stick options.


Sticks Brand Terea SmartCore Sticks For IQOS ILUMA
Total Puffs 14 Puffs
Dimensions 162 x 75 x 47 mm
Box Weight 240 Gram
Total Flavors Available in 20 different flavors
Origin Japan
Sticks Compatible With IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One & IQOS ILUMA Standard

All TEREA Japan Flavors are in stock!

Terea Japan offers a variety of menthol flavors. You can get all of the flavors from our website.

Our Flavors available in:

  • TEREA Balanced Regular
  • TEREA Black Menthol
  • TEREA Black Purple Menthol
  • TEREA Black Ruby Menthol
  • TEREA Black Tropical Menthol
  • TEREA Black Yellow Menthol
  • TEREA Bold Regular
  • TEREA Bright Menthol
  • TEREA Fusion Menthol
  • TEREA Menthol
  • TEREA Mint
  • TEREA Oasis Pearl
  • TEREA Purple Menthol
  • TEREA Regular
  • TEREA Rich Regular
  • TEREA Ruby Regular
  • TEREA Smooth Regular
  • TEREA Tropical Menthol
  • TEREA Warm Regular
  • TEREA Yellow Menthol

Quick Link: IQOS TEREA Japan

What sets IQOS TEREA Japan apart?

  • Distinct Flavor Profiles: TEREA Japan goes beyond the typical menthol or tobacco flavors. They offer a variety of exciting options, like Black Menthol’s intense coolness with a fruity twist, Fusione’s refreshing tropical blend, or Mint’s vibrant and sweet fusion. Each blend provides a distinct and captivating taste experience.
  • Japanese Quality: TEREA Japan is known for its meticulous attention to detail and high-quality ingredients. This translates to a smooth and satisfying vape experience with every puff.
  • Seamless IQOS Iluma Compatibility: These sticks are designed specifically for the IQOS Iluma device, ensuring a perfect fit and effortless use. No need to switch devices or worry about compatibility issues.

Overall, TEREA Japan offers a premium vaping experience for those who want to explore unique flavor profiles and appreciate Japanese quality. It’s a great option for IQOS Iluma users who are looking for something more than the standard tobacco or menthol flavors.

Still have questions?

Contact us on WhatsApp! Our friendly staff can assist you in selecting the best TEREA choice for your needs.

Please note:

  • Age Restriction: TEREA flavors is age-restricted and may not be suitable for all users. Please check the UAE’s local regulations before purchasing.
  • Health Notice: While TEREA flavors is a heated tobacco product, it is still a tobacco product and may contain nicotine, which is addictive.

Check out our website for lots of different IQOS devices and tobacco stick flavors. You’ll find plenty of options to choose from! Delivery is available in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and other Emirates.

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IQOS TEREA Balanced Regular, IQOS TEREA Black Menthol, IQOS TEREA Black Yellow Menthol, IQOS TEREA Bold Regular, IQOS TEREA Bright Menthol, IQOS TEREA Menthol, IQOS TEREA Mint, IQOS TEREA Purple Menthol, IQOS TEREA Regular, IQOS TEREA RICH REGULAR, IQOS TEREA Ruby Regular, IQOS TEREA Smooth Regular, IQOS TEREA Tropical Menthol, IQOS TEREA Warm Regular, IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol, IQOS TEREA BLACK PURPLE MENTHOL, IQOS TEREA Black Ruby Menthol, IQOS TEREA Black Tropical Menthol, IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol, IQOS TEREA Oasis Pearl


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