IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol

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Brand: IQOS

Flavor: Excellent harmony of cool mint and sweet tropical fruit flavors.

Origin: Japan

IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol Compatible With : IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One, and IQOS ILUMA Kit

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Boost the Experience with IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol

When you use the IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol sticks, you’ll experience a pleasant blend of citrus fragrances that are gently braided with herbal overtones. Offer a distinct flavor profile that elevates the bar for menthol lovers and unveils a sensory experience that pleases with every puff. Expertly produced in Japan, these sticks are redefining the standard for elegant smoking.

IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol
Sticks Brand Terea SmartCore Sticks For IQOS ILUMA
Box Colour Green
Fragrance ★★★★☆
Richness ★★★★☆
Menthol Strength ★★★★☆
Aroma Note Excellent harmony of cool mint and sweet tropical fruit flavors.
Total Puffs 14 Puffs
Dimensions 162 x 75 x 47 mm
Box Weight 240 Gram
What is in the Box 1 Carton (20 Packs / 200 Heatsticks)
Total Flavors 14 Flavors
Origin Japan
Sticks Compatible With IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One & IQOS ILUMA Kit

Superior caliber and suitability

Terea SmartCore Sticks for IQOS ILUMA allow you to embrace sophistication. Each stick radiates perfection and craftsmanship in a package decorated in a rich shade of green. These sticks are highly rated for their smell, richness, and menthol power, making them ideal for people who are used to Heets Green or Marlboro Yellow Menthol. Discover a product made for enthusiasts looking for a superior smoking experience with compatibility in mind.

Discover the Real Japanese Artisanship

With the help of IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol, discover a world of unparalleled smoking enjoyment. These sticks, which are Japanese in origin, perfectly capture the spirit of exquisite workmanship. Enjoy 14 mouthwatering tastes that provide an extraordinary experience. Take your IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One, and IQOS ILUMA Kit to the next level with this amazing Terea product, which combines innovation and tradition.

Sensual Calm in Each Breath

The IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol Sticks’ energizing scent characteristics will fascinate you. Savor the zesty citrus that dances on your tongue with every breath, delicately balanced with a hint of herbaceousness. The perfect blend of tastes ensures a reviving and peaceful smoking experience with a refreshing menthol embrace. Experience a sensory symphony that awakens your senses and gives your smoking ritual an unmatched sense of fulfillment.

IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol – Designed to Appear Differentially

These sticks, which weigh 240 grams per package and measure 162 x 75 x 47 mm, exemplify sophistication in terms of measurements. Perfectly crafted to work with the IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One, and IQOS ILUMA Kit, these sticks fit into your smoking regimen with ease. One carton contains 20 packs, or 200 heatsticks. Enjoy the luxury and convenience these finely made sticks provide. They are made to meet the needs of the contemporary smoker and are the epitome of quality, style, and ease.

Revealing the Artistry of JapanIQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol

These sticks are from Japan, and they are the pinnacle of Japanese workmanship. The outcome of combining innovation with tradition is a product that surpasses expectations. Enter a world where every stick is a representation of the utmost care and attention to detail, guaranteeing a reliable and luxurious smoking experience. Embrace the voyage of finding subtle sensations that create a lasting impression on your senses and raise the bar for pleasure with your selection of 14 distinct varieties.

Enhance Your IQOS TEREA Yellow Menthol Abu Dhabi Experience

  • These Japanese-made sticks combine menthol, citrus zest, and herbs for a refreshing effect. Taste 14 different flavors in one carton.
  • IQOS ILUMA gadgets are compatible, representing sophistication for Abu Dhabi’s quality-seekers.
  • A world of scents and artistry is revealed in every stick, showcasing Japanese refinement with every puff.


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