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Myle Micro Mango Ice

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Device Name: Myle Micro Iced Watermelon

Total Puffs: 1000 puffs/pod (approx.)

Technology: Sealed And Waterproof

Flavor: A delightful tropical mango fruit flavor similar to peaches and cream, capped with a cool burst of refreshing frosty flavor

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Myle Micro Mango Ice
Myle Micro Mango Ice 70 د.إ Original price was: 70 د.إ.38 د.إCurrent price is: 38 د.إ.

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Unleashing Tropical Bliss: Myle Micro Mango Ice

Embark on a journey to tropical vaping paradise with the Myle Micro Mango Ice. Encased in sleek packaging, this cutting-edge disposable vaporizer promises an unparalleled experience, seamlessly marrying convenience, sophistication, and delectable flavor. Brace yourself for the enchanting world of Myle Micro Mango Ice—a device that goes beyond the ordinary.

Product Specification:

Device 1 Disposable Device Per Pack
Total Puffs 1000 puffs (approx)
ML 3ML built-in reservoir
E-liquid Prefilled with flavorful e-liquid
Technology Waterproof and sealed
Salt Nicotine 50mg/20mg of tobacco-free salt nicotine
Flavor A delightful tropical mango fruit flavor similar to peaches and cream, capped with a cool burst of refreshing frosty flavor
Vape Device Type Myle Vape Disposable
Size (in.) Lightweight
Manual 1 User manual
Nicotine by volume/unit 2%-5%

Indulge in Mango Paradise: Savory Vaping Sensation

Captivating Sweetness, Subtle Cream Essence

Meet the captivating Myle Micro Mango Ice, delivering the irresistible sweetness of ripe mangoes intertwined with a subtle cream essence. Immerse your senses in every draw, relishing the fruity and refreshing notes that transport you to sun-soaked locales. Crafted with premium materials, this device doesn’t just elevate your flavor game—it’s a stylish addition that beckons admiration.

Innovative Design, Unmatched Performance

3ml Tank, 1000 Puffs: No Compromises

Introducing the Myle Micro Mango Ice e-cigarette—an innovation powerhouse that redefines portability. Despite its diminutive size, revel in its 3 ml tank capacity, offering up to 1000 puffs without constant refills. Enhance flavor consistency with the cotton coil, ensuring a consistently smooth and satisfying vaping experience devoid of any burnt taste.

Effortless Sophistication in Every Inhale

20 Colors, 20 Flavors: Vaping Variety

Featuring 20 vibrant colors and an enticing array of 20 popular fruit flavors in 2% and 5% salt-nicotine concentrations, the Myle Micro appeals to both novices and seasoned vapers alike. Its straightforward push-button activation and user-friendly design promise a hassle-free delight. Experience the perfect fusion of mobility, flavor variety, and superior performance within this compact device, ensuring an enjoyable vaping experience wherever you go.

Embracing Tropical Vaping Elegance With Myle Micro Mango Ice

A Fusion of Taste, Sophistication, and Convenience

As we conclude the journey with the Myle Micro Mango Ice, an unparalleled fusion of taste, sophistication, and convenience emerges. This refined disposable vaporizer transcends settings—whether basking in the sunlight or seeking tranquil moments, relish the consistent, smooth, and flavorful vaping experience the Myle Micro Mango Ice consistently delivers.


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