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Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device

Original price was: 90 د.إ.Current price is: 43 د.إ.

  • Flavor:  Icy spearmint blast
  • Usability: One Time
  • Total Puffs: 2500 Puffs
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Coil: 1.75 ohm
  • Battery: 850 mAH
  • Liquid Reservoir: 6ml built-in
  • Prefilled E-liquid: Flavorful e-liquid
  • Nicotine Content: 50mg of salt nicotine

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Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device
Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device 90 د.إ Original price was: 90 د.إ.43 د.إCurrent price is: 43 د.إ.

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Myle Drip Iced Mint: A Symphony of Arctic Freshness

Dive into the world of Myle Drip Iced Mint, where the invigorating dance of icy spearmint awaits. This disposable device is more than just a vape; it’s a journey into cool sophistication. With 2500 puffs of pure bliss, an 850mAh battery, and a 6ml reservoir filled with flavorful e-liquid, Myle Drip Iced Mint is the epitome of convenience and style. Whether you’re in Abu Dhabi enjoying our swift 2-hour delivery or elsewhere in the UAE relishing the anticipation of 12-hour delivery, every draw is a testament to the commitment to quality and the pursuit of extraordinary vaping experiences. Welcome to a new era of flavor – welcome to Myle Drip Iced Mint.

Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device Features And Specifications

Product Name Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device
Brande Myle
Flavor Icy spearmint blast
Usability one Times
Total Puffs 2500 Puffs
Weight 100 g
Coil 1.75 ohm
Battery 850 mAH
Liquid Reservoir 6ml built-in
Prefilled E-liquid Flavorful e-liquid
Nicotine Content 50mg of salt nicotine
Flavor Varieties Available in 12 flavors, including 6 new flavors such as White Gummy and Aloe Grape, along with 6 popular best-selling flavors like Iced Mint and Los Ice.

Unveil the Arctic Bliss: Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device

Welcome to the Myle Drip Iced Mint, where a burst of arctic freshness awaits in every puff. Indulge in the crisp and invigorating flavor of our Iced Mint Myle Drip, crafted to elevate your Abu Dhabi vaping experience. This isn’t just a device; it’s a journey into the heart of cool sophistication.

The Perfect Blend of Flavor and Convenience

Myle Drip is not just about mint; it’s a symphony of sensations. Immerse yourself in the exquisite fusion of minty goodness with every draw. The Iced Mint Myle Drip is more than a disposable device; it’s a one-time vape extravaganza. No refills, no hassle – just pure, uninterrupted enjoyment.

Feel the thrill as the icy notes dance on your taste buds, delivering an unparalleled experience that lingers. The Iced Mint infusion is not just a flavor; it’s a statement – a statement of your commitment to quality and taste.

Myle Drip – Dubai’s Vape Sensation

In the heart of Dubai, Myle Drip reigns supreme. Elevate your vaping game with the Myle Drip Dubai edition, embracing the cosmopolitan essence of this iconic city. Myle Drip isn’t just a product; it’s a lifestyle choice. Be part of the trend, be part of the flavor revolution.

Explore the city with the compact and stylish Myle Drip Iced Mint Device. Wherever you go, let your vaping experience speak volumes about your taste and sophistication. Dubai demands the best, and Myle Drip delivers.

Myle Drip – Delightful Delivery at Your Doorstep

Why settle for ordinary when you can have Myle Drip delivered to your doorstep? Experience the convenience of Myle Online Delivery, bringing the best to you with just a few clicks. The future of vape delivery is here, and it’s exclusively Myle.

No more waiting, no more uncertainty – Myle Drip is just a click away. Savor the anticipation as your Iced Mint Myle Drip arrives, ready to transport you to a world of flavor. One-time vape, lifetime satisfaction.

Myle Drip Iced Mint Features: Unleash the Icy Spearmint Bliss

Indulge in the icy spearmint blast that defines the Myle Drip Iced Mint Disposable Device. This flavor sensation is more than just a vape; it’s a journey into the refreshing embrace of cool mint. With every puff, savor the burst of flavor that sets Myle Drip apart.

  • One-Time Extravaganza – 2500 Puffs of Pure BlissMyle Drip understands the importance of longevity. With 2500 puffs per device, revel in the continuous satisfaction of your icy spearmint delight. This isn’t just a disposable vape; it’s an extended adventure into the world of Myle Drip, ensuring every moment is as refreshing as the first.
  • Lightweight Powerhouse – Your Stylish CompanionWeighing in at a mere 100g, the Myle Drip Iced Mint is the epitome of elegance and convenience. Slip it into your pocket or bag effortlessly, making it your stylish on-the-go companion. The 1.75-ohm coil delivers a seamless vaping experience, complemented by an 850mAh battery for prolonged enjoyment.
  • 6ml Reservoir – Dive Into Flavorful DepthsImmerse yourself in the 6ml built-in liquid reservoir, holding the key to an unforgettable vaping experience. The Myle Drip Iced Mint boasts a prefilled e-liquid with a flavorful twist, ensuring every draw is a journey into taste perfection. With 50mg of salt nicotine, it’s not just about the flavor; it’s about the satisfying punch of nicotine content.
  • Lightning-Fast Delivery – Abu Dhabi’s Vaping Solution Living in Abu Dhabi? Say goodbye to waiting. Experience the convenience of 2-hour delivery, ensuring that your Myle Drip Iced Mint is at your doorstep in no time. We prioritize your satisfaction, making Abu Dhabi the hub of Myle Drip excellence.
  • UAE-Wide Convenience – Order Now, Enjoy in HoursDubai, Ajman, Sharjah – we’ve got you covered with 1-hour delivery. For the rest of the UAE, experience the joy of Myle Drip within 12 hours. To enjoy the latter, just place your order before 3 PM and let the anticipation build for a flavorful evening.
  • 🚛 Free Delivery Bonus – Because You Deserve the best for orders exceeding 450 AED across the UAE, enjoy the added perk of free delivery. Myle Drip not only enhances your vaping experience but also delivers it to your doorstep with unparalleled convenience.

Embrace the cool, relish the convenience, and make Myle Drip Iced Mint your go-to choice for a refreshing vaping experience. Visit our online store & Order now and elevate your moments with every flavorful puff.

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  1. Jordan Patel (verified owner)

    I’ve used a lot of competing goods, but this one is the best.

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