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Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod

Original price was: 90 د.إ.Current price is: 40 د.إ.


Flavor:  Tropical and tasty, this is a full-bodied fully ripe mango flavor.

ML: 2 ML/Pod

Total Puffs: 2000 puffs/pod (approx.)

Pods/Packs: 2 Pods Per Pack

MG: 5MG, 5% Salt Nicotine

Coil: Mesh coil

Compatible With: Myle Meta V5 Device

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Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod
Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod 90 د.إ Original price was: 90 د.إ.40 د.إCurrent price is: 40 د.إ.

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Tropical Vaping Adventure with Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with Malaysian Mango Bliss

Prepare for a tasty adventure with our Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod. Take your vaping joy to the next level and enjoy the real, yummy Malaysian Mango flavor. Our Myle Meta V5 Pods are carefully made with love, giving you the genuine taste of delicious Malaysian Mangoes in every breath.

Imagine being in a tropical paradise with each puff, where the sweet taste of ripe mangoes mixes with special undertones, making this flavor super special. Treat yourself to a mix of amazing flavors from our Malaysian Mango Pods, making your vaping experience like a big celebration of nature’s goodies.

Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pods Specification:

Product Name Malaysian Mango MYLE Meta V5 Pods
Brand MYLE
Version MYLE Version 5 (V5)
ML 4ML (2ml/magnetic Pods)
Pods/pack 2 Pods Per Pack
Coil Mesh Coil
Total Puffs 2000 puffs/pod (approx.)
MG 5MG, 5% Salt Nicotine
Flavor note Tropical and tasty, this is a full-bodied fully ripe mango flavor.
Compatible With MYLE Meta V5 Device

Meet the Awesome Myle V5 Meta Pod – Vaping Made Cool

Say hello to the Myle V5 Meta Pod, your ticket to a cool vaping experience. This amazing device is not your usual vape – it’s something extraordinary. Dive into a world of coolness and satisfaction as you try out the different flavors of Myle Pods, with the delicious Malaysian Mango stealing the show.

Feel the magic of advanced technology mixed with tasty goodness, making every puff a moment you’ll love. The Myle V5 Pods bring a new vibe to your vaping, seamlessly blending style and substance. Created just right, the Myle V5 Meta Pod UAE edition promises a vaping journey, with the yummy Malaysian Mango flavor making it even more special.

Get ready to feel the excitement, satisfy your cravings, and totally enjoy the Myle V5 Meta Pod experience – where cool innovation meets tasty delight right in your hands.

Get Ready for Awesome Vibes with  Malaysian Mango Myle Pods

Step into a world where what you want meets what makes you happy, and dive into the amazing charm of  Malaysian Mango Myle Pods. These pods are like a symphony of flavor, texture, and temptation, filled with the delicious essence of sun-kissed mangoes from Malaysia.

Find out why Myle Pods are known for being super awesome in the vaping scene. When you go for Myle Malaysian Mango, you’re in for a treat beyond the usual vaping experience. Immerse yourself in a world of yummy flavors, top-notch quality, and a journey that sparks your senses.

Don’t just vape; enjoy the coolness of Myle V5 Meta Pods and let the fantastic Malaysian Mango flavor take you to a happy vaping paradise. It’s like a party for your taste buds!

Unbeatable Deals on Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod – Grab Yours Now!

Looking for the perfect blend of taste and value? Discover the incredible Malaysian Mango flavor in our Myle Meta V5 Pod at an unbeatable price. We’ve got the best deals on Myle pods, ensuring you get an authentic product and enjoy wallet-friendly prices. Don’t miss out – order your Myle Meta V5 Pod from our website today, where quality meets affordability.

Easy Peasy – Buy Malaysian Mango Myle Meta V5 Pod Online in UAE!

Craving the tantalizing Malaysian Mango flavor for your Myle Meta V5 Pod? It’s as simple as a click! Buy online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, and experience the convenience of getting your favorite Myle Meta V5 Pod delivered right to your doorstep. We offer a seamless online shopping experience, ensuring your cravings for the delectable Malaysian Mango are just a few clicks away.

Quick and Reliable Myle Pods Delivery in Abu Dhabi – Taste the Malaysian Mango Goodness!

Want the Malaysian Mango flavor pronto? Opt for our Myle Meta V5 Pod delivery in Abu Dhabi. We make it easy with swift and reliable Myle Pods Dubai delivery services. Whether you’re in Abu Dhabi or beyond, enjoy the convenience of having your Myle Meta V5 Pod delivered straight to you. Say goodbye to waiting – order now and experience the joy of Malaysian Mango goodness in no time.


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