IQOS Terea Fusion Menthol

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Brand: IQOS

Flavor: Fresh Blossom & Menthol

Origin: Japan

IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol Compatible With : IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One, and IQOS ILUMA Kit

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IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol is an invigorating flavor fusion.

Experience the energizing surge of IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol that defies description. Accept the fusion of cool menthol with three diverse scents, resulting in an unforgettable sensory experience. Each puff is a symphony of freshness, providing a thrilling explosion of menthol mixed with subtle notes of fresh blossom. This fusion mix, created in Japan, captures the essence of purity and creativity. Elevate your IQOS ILUMA experience with these skillfully constructed sticks, each with a distinct and bright flavor profile.

IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol
Sticks Brand Terea SmartCore Sticks For IQOS ILUMA
Box Colour Purple
Fragrance ★★★★☆
Richness ★★★★☆
Menthol Strength ★★★★☆
Aroma Note Fresh Blossom & Menthol
Total Puffs 14 Puffs
Dimensions 162 x 75 x 47 mm
Box Weight 240 Gram
Total Flavors 14 Flavors
Origin Japan
Sticks Compatible With IQOS ILUMA Prime, IQOS ILUMA One & IQOS ILUMA Kit

Unleashed Intensity and Aroma

With IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol sticks, you may immerse yourself in a world of intensity and olfactory grandeur. This blend, with a 4/5 intensity rating, hits the perfect combination of boldness and smoothness, giving a pleasurable draw with every inhalation. The perfume, which received a 5/5 rating, envelops your senses in a rich tapestry of freshness and flowery overtones, heightening the pleasure of each puff. This fusion composition oozes sophistication and appeal, offering the discerning aficionado an unmatched sensory thrill.

Providing Unrivaled Quality and Convenience

IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol sticks are the height of quality and ease. These sticks were created exclusively for IQOS ILUMA, ensuring seamless compatibility and a faultless experience. They are made in Japan, a country known for its precise craftsmanship. Choose from a variety of volumes, ranging from single cartons to bigger packs, to fit your needs. Discover the rave-worthy fusion blend that’s grabbing hearts across the world, with every inhalation producing a harmonic symphony of menthol and blossoming freshness.

Every draw contains a sensory delight.

With each pull of IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol sticks, expect a unique sensory experience. The three flavors combine flawlessly with the cooling menthol to create a multidimensional experience that evolves with each inhale. This fusion’s numerous layers cater to diverse preferences, delivering a tailored and enjoyable vaping experience, whether you seek a moment of calm or a blast of rejuvenation. Savor the symphony of tastes dancing gracefully on your palette, giving a lingering impression of refinement and satisfaction.

Craftsmanship and creativity Unveiled

Immerse yourself in IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol Sticks, the epitome of innovation and craftsmanship. Each stick shows rigorous attention to detail and is expertly manufactured in Japan utilizing cutting-edge processes. As a result, the fusion blend not only tantalizes the taste buds but also captures the essence of artistry and ingenuity. Dive into the world of Japanese craftsmanship, where heritage meets modernity to create an exceptional vaping experience that redefines expectations with each puff.

Unrivaled Versatility and Selection

With IQOS TEREA Fusion Menthol sticks, you have the flexibility of choice and variety. With volumes ranging from single cartons to bigger packs, you can adapt your vaping experience to your preferences and lifestyle. Whether you choose a single pack for casual indulgence or numerous cartons for uninterrupted enjoyment, the versatility ensures that you have a fusion blend that exactly matches your tastes. Accept the ease and freedom of curating your vaping experience, one delightful puff at a time.


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