IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Limited Edition

420 د.إ


Color: Neon

Origin: Japan

Weight: 116.5 g

Battery Capacity: 2380 mAh

Charging Port: USB Type C

Bluetooth: Yes

Dimension: 121.5 x 47 x 23 mm

Compatible sticks: Terea Italy, Terea Kazakhstan, Terea Indonesia, and Terea swiss .

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IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Limited Edition
IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Limited Edition 420 د.إ

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IQOS ILUMA STANDARD Neon Limited Edition

Enhance Your Experience with the IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Color.

Look at the IQOS ILUMA STANDARD Neon Limited Edition and discover a world of bright innovation. This limited-edition gadget, which embodies neon lights, breaks conventional norms to provide you with a smoking substitute, unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Let’s examine the captivating elements that set this Neon variation apart now that it’s available in Abu Dhabi. Experience a symphony of smells and colors as your smoking routine is transformed into a sensory trip by the innovative Neon technology. Don’t pass up the opportunity to acquire this unique work of genius. Invest in the ILUMA STANDARD Neon Limited Edition to improve your smoking experience!

IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Specification:

Product Name IQOS ILUMA Standard Neon Limited Edition
Manufacturer Philip Morris International
Origin Japan
Color Neon
Sessions per Full Charge 20 sessions
Charging Time 135 minutes
Holder Dimensions 121.5(height) × 47(width) × 23 (depth) mm
Weight 116.5 g
Charging Port USB-C
Battery Capacity 2380mAh
Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Bluetooth Connectivity Yes
Compatible Sticks

Terea ItalyTerea Kazakhstan, Terea Indonesia, and Terea swiss

Why choose ILUMA STANDARD Neon?

Revolutionary Neon Technology:

Driven by modern invention, the ILUMA STANDARD Neon symbolizes advancement rather than merely a gadget. Discover the splendor of neon technology as it adds flair to your events and makes them more memorable. Revel in the future of smoking with this spectacular Limited Edition.

A Symphony of Colors, A Harmony of Flavors:

Dive into a realm where colors dance, and tastes entwine. Not only does the Neon version have an amazing appearance, but it also turns your smoking ritual into a sensory experience. Every puff transforms into a revelry, an explosion of flavor and color that awakens your senses. It’s an art form, not just smoking.

Crafted for Connoisseurs:

The ILUMA STANDARD Neon in Japan elevates smoking to a whole new level for individuals who value refinement. Experience Japanese craftsmanship firsthand, where elegance and precision coexist. Upgrade your love of smoking with a gadget that embodies Eastern creativity.

Exclusive Neon Elegance:

The IQOS ILUMA STANDARD Neon, which came from Philip Morris International’s innovation headquarters in Japan, is a shining example of contemporary smoking beauty. This gadget promises longer fun with 20 sessions per full charge and a gorgeous Neon color scheme. It’s the ideal traveling companion because of its small size (121.5 x 47 x 23 mm) and featherweight weight of 116.5 g. Its powerful 2380mAh battery and USB-C charging capability can be fully charged in 135 minutes. While the Bluetooth connectivity adds a bit of sophistication, the ability to use Terea sticks from other areas improves the smoking experience. ILUMA STANDARD Neon elevates your moments by fusing modern elegance with Japanese perfection.

The Future Unveiled: New IQOS ILUMA Standard – Buy Online Now!

Own the Future Today:

Be one of the first to accept the future of smoking. The new IQOS ILUMA STANDARD is a lifestyle option and a gadget. Make your online purchase today to set the standard for what’s to come in the world of smoking alternatives.

Abu Dhabi, Dubai – Your Gateway to ILUMA:

Are you wondering how much the IQOS ILUMA STANDARD costs in Abu Dhabi? Are you eager to buy ILUMA STANDARD online in Dubai? This is where your path to a healthier, smoke-free future starts. Get yours now and join the people who are changing the perception of smoking.

Get Your ILUMA STANDARD Bright Delivered Fast!

Enjoy quick delivery when you order from our website for ILUMA STANDARD Bright; in the UAE, your order will arrive at your location in 12 hours, and in Abu Dhabi, you may take advantage of the convenient 12-hour delivery time. Enjoy the benefit of one-hour delivery if you reside in Dubai, Ajman, or Sharjah. Move quickly: if you choose the 12-hour option, make sure your order is placed by 3 PM. Enjoy the extra benefit of free delivery on purchases above 450 AED! Upgrade your smoking experience without waiting—order your ILUMA STANDARD Bright right now and take advantage of our smooth, quick shipping services. 🚚🎉


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