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Origin: Korea

Total Puffs: 14

Nicotine/Stick: 0.5 MG

Box contains: 200

Compatible with: IQOS ORIGINALS DUO,  IQOS 3 MULTI,  IQOS 3 DUO , IQOS Lil Solid,  Lambda CC,  Lambda i8

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Unleash Flavorful Moments with IQOS HEETS from Korea!

Experience a burst of delicious flavors with our IQOS HEETS Korean collection. These special tobacco sticks are carefully made in Korea, giving you a totally different smoking vibe. Feel the rich culture and amazing work that makes these HEETS so unique. And guess what? You can now get them in Abu Dhabi, UAE. So, enjoy the awesome taste and take your smoking game to a whole new level with HEETS Korea—it’s like a little celebration in every puff, now right here in Abu Dhabi!

HEETs Korea Specification:

Product Name IQOS Heets Korea
Origin Korea
Sticks Brand HEETS made for IQOS
Total Puffs 14 puffs
Nicotine/Stick 0.5 MG / HEET stick
Dimensions 162 x 75 x 47 mm
Box Weight 240 Gram
Box contains 200 sticks


IQOS Lil Solid,  Lambda CC,  Lambda i8

Why choose HEETS Korea in Abu Dhabi?

Heets Korea: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Check out Heets Korea, where they mix old and new in IQOS HEETS. Korea is awesome at making these tobacco sticks. They pick and process things carefully, bringing together old tobacco ways and cool new tech. Every puff shows the skills from way back, making it super satisfying.

Try Heets Korea for a special experience where old tobacco history meets today’s cool stuff, giving you a smoking feel that’s extra special. It’s not your usual smoke – it’s like a mix of old traditions and new vibes, making it way more interesting.

Heets Korea Flavors: A Journey Through Culinary Delight

Take a flavor-filled trip with Heets Korea Flavors, a tasty journey through different sensations. Enjoy the strong taste of Classic or the fresh feeling of Menthol – each flavor is like a little party for your taste buds. These flavors go beyond the usual, making your IQOS moments a celebration of yummy enjoyment. Make your smoking experience more exciting with Heets Korea, where every puff brings a burst of special taste. It’s not just smoking; it’s a delicious adventure, making every moment fun and ensuring your taste buds have a great time with each breath.

Heet Korean flavors available in:

IQOS Heets Amber Korea Selection: A Warm Embrace of Richness

Indulge in the comforting warmth of our IQOS Heets Amber Korea Selection. With every puff, experience a symphony of rich, full-bodied flavors that envelop your senses. This amber-hued delight offers a perfect balance, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a classic, robust tobacco taste. Elevate your moments with the inviting embrace of Amber.

IQOS Heets Blue Korea Selection: Cool and Crisp Elegance

Dive into the refreshing world of IQOS Heets Blue Korea Selection. This cool and crisp flavor captivates with its invigorating notes, creating an oasis of freshness in every inhale. Perfect for those seeking a smooth and revitalizing experience, Blue promises a touch of elegance that transforms your IQOS moments into a breath of fresh air.

IQOS Heets Green Korea Selection: A Burst of Zesty Exhilaration

Ignite your senses with the lively IQOS Heets Green Korea Selection. Bursting with zesty exhilaration, this flavor takes you on a journey of vibrant freshness. The green-inspired taste is a delightful fusion of citrusy notes, creating a dynamic and uplifting smoking experience. Add a dash of excitement to your IQOS ritual with the spirited Green.

IQOS Heets Purple Wave Korea Selection: A Wave of Subtle Sweetness

Savor the gentle waves of sweetness with IQOS Heets Purple Wave Korea Selection. This flavor introduces a subtle sweetness that caresses your palate, offering a unique and sophisticated smoking experience. Purple Wave is the perfect choice for those who appreciate a delicate touch of flavor, making your IQOS moments serene and pleasurable.

IQOS Heets Silver Korea Selection: Timeless Elegance, Pure Sophistication

Step into the realm of timeless elegance with IQOS Heets Silver Korea Selection. This flavor exudes pure sophistication with its refined and smooth character. The silver notes dance on your taste buds, creating a luxurious smoking sensation. Elevate your IQOS experience with the sheer elegance and unmatched sophistication of Silver.

Korea Flavors: Best Deals on Korea Heets Price – Order Now!

Are you ready to explore the richness of Korea Flavors Heets with unbeatable deals? Look no further! We not only offer competitive Heets prices but also guarantee the authenticity of every product. Now is the perfect time to place your order and savor the unique taste of Korea Flavors Heets. Benefit from our exclusive deals and indulge in the satisfaction of a genuine smoking experience. Don’t miss out – order now and relish the delightful Korea Flavors Heets at the best price available!

Seamless Enjoyment: Buy Korea Flavors Heets Online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE

Craving the diverse and exotic flavors of Korea Flavors Heets? Make your purchase hassle-free by buying Heets online in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and UAE. Our user-friendly website simplifies the process, allowing you to explore the enticing Heets “Korea Flavors” price and seamlessly place your order. Revel in the convenience of having your favorite flavor delivered directly to your doorstep. With the best deals on Korea Flavors Heets, now is the perfect time to order and experience the smooth, flavorful sensation it offers.

Swift and Reliable – Korea Flavors Heets Delivered to Your Door in Abu Dhabi

Are you yearning for the delightful taste of Korean Flavors Heets delivered promptly to your doorstep in Abu Dhabi? Look no further! Our Heets Korea Flavors price delivery service ensures a quick and reliable experience. Trust us for both the product quality and our delivery service’s efficiency. Indulge in the smooth, flavorful experience of Korea Flavors Heets without delay. Please place your order now and let us bring the convenience of Heets classic delivery straight to you!

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IQOS Heets Amber Korea Selection, IQOS Heets Blue Korea Selection, IQOS Heets Green Korea Selection, IQOS Heets Purple Wave Korea Selection, IQOS Heets Silver Korea Selection


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