TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan

145 د.إ

  • Flavor: Tobacco with blueberry and menthol hints.
  • Features: Flavor capsule for customization.
  • Convenience: 10 packs, 20 sticks each, ideal for on-the-go.
  • Usage: Insert stick, heat, click for menthol-berry twist.
TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan for IQOS Iluma?
TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan 145 د.إ

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What is TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan for IQOS Iluma?

TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan provides a smoke-free alternative for adult smokers with genuine tobacco sticks designed for IQOS ILUMA devices. These sticks offer a satisfying roasted tobacco flavour with a touch of malty fragrance, and a refreshing burst of blueberries and cool menthol.

Feature and Specification of TEREA Twilight Pearl

Feature Description
Product Name TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan for IQOS Iluma
Flavor Moderate tobacco with hints of blueberry and menthol
Compatibility IQOS Iluma Kits
Packaging 10 packs per carton, 20 sticks per pack (total of 200 sticks)
Flavor Capsule Includes a flavour capsule for a customizable smoking experience
Usage Designed for electric heating with IQOS devices
Delivery Available for delivery within Dubai, UAE

About the Flavor

Twilight Pearl is a unique tobacco blend with a sweet touch, offering a rich, roasted tobacco taste with malt hints. Its unique flavor profile includes juicy blueberries and invigorating menthol, making it a refreshing choice for those who appreciate classic tobacco.

Designed for IQOS ILUMA Devices

TEREA Twilight Pearl Sticks, designed for Terea ILUMA devices, heat tobacco from within, eliminating ash and smoke, and offer consistent heating and optimal flavor delivery.

Why Choose TEREA Twilight Pearl?

  • Unique Click Function: Experience a flavour transformation with a single click! The hidden menthol and blueberry notes add a delightful surprise to the classic tobacco base.
  • Smoke-Free Experience: Enjoy a satisfying tobacco experience without the smoke, ash, or odour associated with traditional cigarettes.
  • IQOS ILUMA Compatibility: These TEREA Sticks are designed specifically for IQOS ILUMA devices, ensuring optimal performance and flavour delivery.

Available TEREA Flavors Dubai

Explore a wider variety of TEREA flavors to suit your preferences!.

Why Choose TereaIlumaAbuDhabi?

  • Fast Delivery: Get your TEREA Twilight Pearl Sticks delivered quickly and conveniently to your doorstep within Dubai.
  • Authentic Products: We guarantee genuine TEREA products for a consistently satisfying experience.
  • Wide Selection: Discover a diverse range of TEREA flavours and vaping options to explore.

Ready to experience a flavorful twist on tobacco? Order your TEREA Twilight Pearl Kazakhstan for IQOS Iluma today! Visit our TereaIlumaAbudhabi Online Store.


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