TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan

145 د.إ

  • Flavor Profile: Toasted tobacco with spicy herbs, exotic fruit, and menthol
  • Packaging: 200 sticks (10 packs x 20 sticks each)
  • Device Compatibility: IQOS Iluma Device
  • Heating Technology: Smartcore Induction System, bladeless heating
TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan in Dubai & Abu Dhabi
TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan 145 د.إ

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TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan For IQOS ILUMA Sticks in Dubai UAE

Introducing the TEREA Sun Pearl Kazakhstan which is Made for IQOS ILUMA Sticks, available exclusively in Dubai, UAE. Elevate your IQOS experience with this premium offering, specially crafted for discerning tobacco enthusiasts. Priced at 145 AED for a carton containing 200 sticks (10 packs x 20 sticks each), these sticks promise an unparalleled tobacco experience.

Feature and Specification of Terea Sun Pearl Kazakhstan

Feature Description
Product Name Terea Sun Pearl Kazakhstan for Iluma Device
Flavor Profile Balanced toasted tobacco with a hint of spicy herbs
Device Compatibility IQOS Iluma Device
Heating Technology Smartcore Induction System, bladeless heating from the center
Auto-Start Feature Automatically turns on when the Terea stick is inserted
Residue No tobacco residue left behind
Combustion No smoke or combustion
Packaging 1 carton contains 200 sticks (10 packs x 20 sticks)
Shipping Only available for order and shipment within the United Arab Emirates
Ease of Use No cleaning required, easy disposal of used sticks

Flavor Profile

The TEREA Sun Pearl (Amelia Pearl) flavour is a sophisticated blend of toasted tobacco with a hint of spicy herbs, creating a harmonious and well-balanced taste. Upon activation, the flavour profile evolves to reveal an exotic fruit essence paired with refreshing menthol, offering a unique and invigorating twist to your tobacco experience.

Design and Technologies

The TEREA Sun Pearl sticks are designed to work seamlessly with the latest IQOS ILUMA devices, leveraging the innovative Smartcore Induction System. This cutting-edge technology heats the tobacco from the core without burning it, ensuring a consistent and clean experience. The auto-start feature of the IQOS ILUMA device detects when a TEREA stick is inserted, automatically powering it on for your convenience.

Unlike traditional smoking methods, these bladeless devices leave no tobacco residue, eliminating the need for frequent cleaning. This advanced design not only enhances user convenience but also ensures a smoother and more enjoyable tobacco session every time.

How to Use TEREA Sticks

  1. Insert the Stick: Place a TEREA Sun Pearl stick into your IQOS ILUMA device.
  2. Automatic Activation: The device will automatically start heating the tobacco.
  3. Enjoy: Experience the well-balanced flavours as the device heats the tobacco to perfection.
  4. Dispose Properly: Once finished, dispose of the used stick responsibly.

Why Choose This Flavor

The TEREA Sun Pearl flavour stands out for its unique combination of toasted tobacco, spicy herbs, and exotic fruits with menthol. This sophisticated blend is perfect for those looking for a refined and invigorating tobacco experience. The convenience of IQOS ILUMA’s bladeless technology ensures that you enjoy your session without the hassle of cleaning or smoking.

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